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What is Mindfulness Meditation?

Mindfulness is an ancient Buddhist technique based upon the practice of focusing the awareness in the present moment, using an 'anchor' such as the breath.

Meditation can be seen as 'training' for the brain. The aim is not to stop the flow of thought, rather to sit back and observe it, so that over time and with practice, the mind comes to a natural place of stillness. By taking a step back from our thoughts and emotions, we become more engaged with the present moment, with our activities and with the people around us, enabling us to live fuller, happier lives. We become more aware and in tune with the world around us, and are able to engage in life with a greater sense of curiosity and ultimately, more appreciation for what we have.

The practice of mindfulness is now widely recognised as a safe and effective treatment for stress, anxiety, depression, lack of focus, worry, addiction and is also known to change the brain's response to physical pain. Meditators report greater calm, clarity, and a reduction in psychological stress after just three consecutive days of meditation, while meditation over the long term can help build resilience and coping skills.

Interested in what happens to the brain as a result of mindfulness? Read more about the science of mindfulness.

I teach mindfulness meditation in small groups or at an individual level, both privately and in a corporate setting. Interested? Contact me to learn more.

Mindfulness in the Workplace

The demands of a busy working life can take its toll on business professionals and entrepreneurs. Increased working hours, loss of work/life balance and financial uncertainty can lead to worry, lack of focus, anxiety and less ability to cope with stress at work.

Fortunately, mindfulness meditation can help us to find a calm and clear headspace to deal with work-related stress. Mindfulness enables us to gain perspective on our life situation and approach problem-solving more creatively. It's amazing what 10-15 minutes a day of real stillness can do for busy minds.

If you are interested in mindfulness meditation at your workplace, please get in touch.

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